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About Starseedz

Starseedz are St. Albans based duo, Catrine O’Neill (Guitar, Vocals) and Jon Willoughby (Guitar, Vocals), who's combined song writing brings together a range of influences, the result being vibey and atmospheric. Catrine's breathy bittersweet vocals lend themselves to Jonathan’s mellifluous guitars and musical interpretation. They are now currently playing venues in Hertfordshire and North London. They have performed at the music industry Soccer Six celebrity football tournament at Chelsea, Stamford Bridge and their music has been featured on lifestyle T.V series "freespirit". They have grabbed the attention of a few industry insiders Echo, Mushroom and a few independents.


John Doe

Catrine O'Neill

Catrine writes songs using her brain and a guitar, a pen and sometimes a piano. She sings with her voice creating a lovlee sound.

Jane Helf

Jonathan Willo-b

Jonathan writes and records using his hands and a guitar with some help from his brain. He sings too, also using his voice and air.

the tools
Joshua Insanus

Starseedz Studio

This is where we create all our lovely tunes and visuals using Logic Pro, Garageband, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Imovie etc view portfolio

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Under the radar live sessions on Brooklands Radio with Remy Harris

"Gorgeous, melodic, harmony rich songs with great arrangements, very nice indeed"

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Noel Cowley Music

In the month during which we lost Phil Everly it’s worth reaffirming just how good it is to hear voices singing in perfect harmony. Even more so, perhaps, when it’s a male/female blend such as that of Starseedz who remind me of St Etienne and Dubstar in their pomp. This duo has a delightful sound, easy on the ear, enthralling and very much the kind of thing we should be hearing day in, day out. It’s atmospheric in a summery way. Listening to Starseedz is like opening the curtains on a July morning and letting the sun in. Their sound is light, bouncy, soft, bright...

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Starseedz Live Dates

Sunday 22nd June - St Albans Street Festival

1.25pm - 2.05pm

Sunday 29nd June - Six Bells, St Albans


Saturday 5th July - Childwickbury Arts Fair


30th July - Love Folk, The Horn of Plenty

St Albans, Herts

3rd August - Rock At The Castle, Hertford

1.30pm - 1.45pm

4th August - The Bedford

Balham SW12 0HD

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